English Draft Of The Textbook Above
  • This is a page for an English DRAFT of a Japanese book "Toukei-Idengaku-no-Koso; Basics for statistical genetics". The book is the official contents for one-year lecture on Statistical Genetics in 2016 @ Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University.
  • The lecture is provided in bilingual fashion (English/Japanese).
  • Unfortunately no English version of the book is available, its draft was made without figures.
  • However most of figures will be generated by R codes in the draft document. Therefore you can download the Rmd version of the DRAFR and run it in your local PC, then you will have many of figures. If you need the rest of figures, please get a copy of Japanese book through here.
  • Some parts of the English version is generated by Google translation without further curation.
  • The followings are two links to the English DRAFT version of the book in two formats; Rmd and html.
  • Rmd is a useful format with R commands. See details of Rmd format here.
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